Conservative Internship Proram

November 15, 2018

Every summer, the best and brightest Conservative-minded University students in Canada come to Ottawa to be a part of our Conservative Internship Program.

The Conservative Internship Program is a unique opportunity to learn about politics, develop skills as a leader, Conservative campaigner, and help to build the Conservative Party of Canada.

Interns from across Canada spend the summer in Ottawa working in a political office, participating in political training, and hearing from some of the sharpest political minds in the country.

And many of our internship alumni have gone on to serve in senior roles within government and the private sector.

Over the past 14 years, we have trained over 1,000 interns through this program.

If you know anyone in college or university who should apply – please let them know about this opportunity

The deadline for applications to the Conservative Internship Program is January 15th, 2019.

You can find information about Conservative Internship program on our website here.

Anyone local interested in applying should also let Michael know so he can support your application.