September 09, 2022

Elections Canada has undertaken the responsibility of redrawing riding boundaries, as established in the Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. E-3).

On Friday, August 19th, the Redistribution Commission responsible for redrawing the riding boundaries in Ontario released their proposal for the province, and therefore, our riding of Wellington-Halton Hills.

We recognize that because Guelph is too big to be a single riding and that Wellington-Halton Hills completely surrounds Guelph that the current boundary for our riding will have to change. We also recognize that a number of surrounding ridings are too big as well, which will effect the proposed boundary changes.

Basically with the proposal by the Commission, most of the population of the riding becomes part of a new Georgetown-East Milton riding or a Wellington-Halton riding. 

The proposed Wellington-Halton riding takes the current riding, adds 25,000 people from the south end of Guelph, adds 3,000 from East Garafraxa, a few 1000 from rural Milton and takes away Georgetown and the south part of Halton Hills.

The proposed Georgetown-East Milton riding takes Georgetown south of 22 and rural Halton Hills south of 15 side road and adds them to part of Milton and south to Oakville.

A small portion of Halton Hills, west of 25, south of 15 side road and north of the Milton/ Halton Hills boundary will be put in a riding of Burlington -West Milton

If you would like more information on the changes, you can go to Elections Canada website at Ontario commission - Federal Electoral Districts Redistribution (

In particular go to the proposal section and read the proposal explanation for  Halton, Guelph, and Wellington

We encourage you to put forward a written submission to the committee outlining the importance of keeping communities together. I would also invite you to sign up to take part in the virtual meeting to discuss these changes to the riding boundaries in our community. Written applications must be submitted to Elections Canada using their interactive mapping tool by September 25th, 2022, and registration for the virtual meeting taking place on Wednesday September 28th at 6:30PM closes on September 25th, 2022. You can register at Public hearing participation form – Ontario - Federal Electoral Districts Redistribution (

As the EDA Board for Wellington-Halton Hills, we take pride in representing all members of our community, and know that our communities are better together. If you would like to further discuss the changes to our riding please email Laurie Norrie and we will share additional information and suggestions with you.

Thank you.