Voting in the Conservative Party Leadership Race

July 09, 2020

Dear Members of the Wellington-Halton Hills Conservative Electoral District Association,

Let me begin by welcoming a large number of new members to our EDA. It is exciting to have you engage with our EDA and the selection of a new leader.

The ballots for voting in the leadership race are expected to be arriving shortly. If you have not received your ballot by July 31st and are a member contact the National Service Desk at  1-866-808-8407

The package you receive from the Conservative Party will explain the following:

Your local District Board would like to offer a service that will assist those who may be concerned about getting their ballot back within the required time.
You are free to take advantage of this option or use the mail as will be prescribed in you ballot package.

If you choose our option we will have 3 courier drop off locations in the District, over two days. This will allow you to have your completed ballot package couriered to the Party before the deadline.

The WHHCEDA will give our Members an alternative to mailing their ballots. This is a way to assist those who lack trust in the mail system and ensures their ballot reaches Ottawa on time. Participation in this is strictly voluntary.

There will be 3 courier collection places,

one in Fergus, (245 St David Street South Fergus)

one in Georgetown (1 Ruddel Cres Georgetown) and

one in Puslinch (4370 Victoria Rd South Puslinch).

The Collection/ Courier Boxes will be available on:

Friday August 14 from 12 noon till 7 p.m.
Saturday August 15 from 9 a.m. till 2 p.m.

  • There will always be 2 people in attendance at the box to ensure the security and impartiality of the process.
  • The Box will be such that no one needs to touch your ballot. You will simply walk up to the designated home where a member will greet you and you slip your ballot into a courier box that will be pre-labeled for delivery to the counting location.
  • The courier tracking number will be available at the time of submission so a member can confirm their ballot arrived on time for counting.
  • The 3 courier collection boxes will be collected after 2 p.m. on August 15 and taken to the Fed ex terminal for shipment to Ottawa.

We will update this message with the exact addresses and any other details as we confirm them.

On behalf of your EDA Board, we thank you for being a part of this leadership vote. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact one of your local executive members.


Dean Wood, President