Policy Development

December 01, 2017

We know that people joined the Conservative Party during the recent leadership race for various reasons. You may have supported a specific candidate or policy, you may be a long time member or a new member. Beyond voting in the leadership race, members can contribute to the direction of the Conservative Party through the development of  the policies of the party.

The Conservative Party membership is starting the Party Policy and Party Constitution development process that will lead to the campaign platform for the next federal election.  This is an opportunity to make sure that the party policies reflect the views of the membership. 

We started the process by holding 2 local meetings to get feedback and ideas from area members. From these meetings we can get ideas for policies we would like to champion as the process moves forward. There will be other opportunities in the winter for providing feedback and direction on policies and we will keep you informed as they are finalized.  The process leads to the Policy Convention at the end of the summer 2018, where delegates from each district will vote on all changes. 

At the next Annual General Meeting we will be electing the delegates and alternates for the Policy Convention. If you might be interested in attending the Conservative Party Policy Convention 2018 we encourage you to attend at least one of the policy development meetings. 

The next meeting will be a regional meeting, March 24th.

More details will follow

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